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How nominal damages can still benefit you

Many Maryland businessmen enforce strict guidelines within their contracts to ensure that their partners do not attempt any suspicious activity that could lead to company loss. If there are any breaches within that contract, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them in court to obtain compensation for any damages they caused.

Contract breaches often result in hefty financial losses, but guilty workers are not off the hook yet even if the court finds that no major losses occurred from the violation. Contractual negligence that does not result in harm to either party is known as nominal damage. Many question why some businessmen go through the trouble for this conviction if there appears to be little to gain, but there are several perks you can get out of the process.

Family law: Millennials making their marriages work

When it comes to marriage, it seems like millennials are doing something right. More American married couples who are under the age of 45 are actually staying married according to the latest statistics. They're distinctly different from baby boomers who tended to marry young, divorced and married again. Issues revolving around marriage in Maryland are under the family law umbrella. 

Millennials and generation X'ers are waiting until they're older to get married and apparently waiting until they're pretty sure they've found the right partner. They're also waiting until they've accomplished some personal goals before adding a spouse to the mix. They are making sure they're on track with things like finances, education and careers. 

Family law: How child support works re an incarcerated parent

It doesn't matter what the adults in their lives are facing, children need to be supported financially and emotionally. When a parent in Maryland who is paying child support lands in jail, chances are he or she is still responsible for paying that support. Family law rules are in place to safeguard the best interests of children; however, incarcerated parents beholden to paying child support may ask the court to have those payments suspended while they're behind bars and unable to earn an income. 

A parent in jail could also ask the court to reduce the child support payments he or she has to make. It's up to the court whether to grant such a modification. Those released from jail may be able to get help to reintegrate into society, making them able to meet their child support obligations after finding gainful employment. 

Family law: Solo parents may mean better parents

Divorce doesn't have to be replete with negatives. Family law rules give divorced Maryland residents the tools with which to be great parents even when they're not parenting as a married couple. In fact, there are times when being a single parent means being a better parent. 

Single parents don't always have to get the nod of the other parent when it comes to the everyday issues pertaining to their kids. Decisions about these things -- like how late a kid should stay up or what sport he or she should play, for instance -- can often be made solo. Single parents can also show their children that they can be independent and make life work on their own accord.

Maryland family law: The truth about prenups

Couples who marry today may have more to lose in the event they should split up. Family law in Maryland provides tools -- such as prenuptial agreements -- to safeguard the assets individuals accumulated prior to marriage. Contrary to popular belief, however, these agreements, or prenups as they're often referred to, aren't just for wealthy folks nor should they impede the romance factor among couples.

In fact, the people who appear to need prenuptial agreements the least are likely those who need them the most. Those who have recently started a business and who now have little in the way of savings or a divorcee with children who has decided to remarry are prime candidates for a prenuptial agreement. These are some of the people who stand to lose the most in the case of marriages that end in divorce. 

Be aware of additional costs when buying a home

Wise new home buyers take the time to determine the most sensible mortgage plan and budget for a down payment. These may seem like the most obvious costs of buying a home, but there are a number of additional expenses to budget for when preparing for a real estate purchase.

Some of these added expenses, such as moving and renovation costs, may be avoidable for some home buyers. But there are other costs including insurance and taxes that all home buyers need to work into a budgetary plan.

Maryland family law: A new school year amid a fresh divorce

Divorce can wreak havoc in many areas of day-to-day living until the family becomes used to a new way of doing things. The first time kids head back to school after the divorce of their parents can be especially difficult for them and their parents. But family law in Maryland provides some tools to help make the transition from one to two households easier, which may help to lessen any angst in other areas such as the first day of school.

Helping kids set goals they'd like to achieve during the new school year is one way of getting both parents and children involved in a new beginning. If both parents can participate in this, all the better. Also, it is important to note that child support is intended for the essentials like food, clothing and shelter, so it usually does not address things like who pays what for extra-curricular activities. When both parents can agree to share these costs equally, it may be in the best interests of their child.

Maryland real estate: The lowdown on the closing day

People who have made an offer on a home that has been accepted look forward to one significant date -- the day on which the deal closes. Excitement aside regarding a first real estate deal, there are a few things that happen on closing of which some first-time home buyers in Maryland may be unaware. Not only does the buyer get the keys to the home on this day, but other important things take place, too. One of those includes securing title insurance.

Title insurance is necessary in case there is a dispute about the title. For instance if prior owners defaulted on their taxes, the new owner could be on the hook for them. Title insurance offers protection against these types issues. There are two types -- one for lenders and one for owners. Owners aren't obligated to purchase this insurance, but it can save the day if needed, and title issues do rear their ugly heads up to 40 percent of the time in all deals.

Maryland family law: Issues that may lead to divorce

The causes of divorce can be as unique as the couple. But there are a number of reasons that could pertain to many situations. Family law in Maryland gives couples the tools with which they can try to overcome adversities since marriage is changeable and, in many respects, is a lot of hard work. Knowing some of the risk factors that could lead to the demise of a marriage may keep the rocks off the road.

Those who had divorced parents and more apt to experience it themselves, according to studies. Another factor seems to be alcohol consumption. If one partner drinks more than the other, it could ultimately lead to problems in the marriage. Couples who marry in their teens into their early 30s also show an increased risk of the marriage not lasting as do couples who shell out copious amount of money for their weddings.

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