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What to consider when negotiating a contract with an actor

As a filmmaker, one of your top priorities when planning the making of your film will be staying within your budget. So many film projects exceed their original budget, which can lead to a host of problems further down the line. By making sure that you are aware of how to stay on budget during casting through the smart negotiation of actors' contracts, you can potentially save a significant amount of funds.

Decisions made on casting will involve many different factors, including the prominence of the actor, the suitability of them to the given role, and, of course, their required salary. It is likely that compromises will need to be made in some way or another, but through good bargaining techniques, you may be able to negotiate a salary to your advantage.

Resolving easement disputes as a landowner

When you own a home or a piece of land, you are able to create allowances for other parties to use the property for specific purposes. A legal agreement relating to this use of land is known as an easement. Easements can be complex, because they may exist within other legal documents such as property deeds. Additionally, parties might automatically have the right to an easement on your property simply because they have been using the land for a certain amount of time without an issue.

This is exactly why easement disputes can be common, and being in a dispute with a neighbor or a party that you have dealings with is never an ideal situation to be in. In order to resolve an easement dispute, it is important that you take a step back from the possible anger and resentment that you are feeling toward the other party, and look at where the law stands and how it can help you.

What acting within a child's best interests means in practice

If you are a parent currently navigating child custody court battles in Maryland, it is likely that you have heard a great deal about what is deemed to be in the best interests of the child. This kind of terminology can be confusing to many parentss. However, it is important to understand, because it can heavily influence how the child custody courts make decisions.

What may or may not be in the child's best interests can have the potential to be a subjective topic. It is likely that both parents think that they have the best interests of the child in mind, but they may still disagree on many different aspects of their kid's upbringing and custody arrangements. When evaluating what arrangements are in the child's best interests, the child custody courts in Maryland take into account the following factors.

Dealing with an emotionally turbulent divorce

One of the hardest things about going through a divorce is the fact that there are so many things to balance. There is so much change to manage, and this means that each divorcing spouse needs to simultaneously think about the well-being of their children, the security of their finances, and their own emotional health. This, understandably, often leads to a rollercoaster of emotions. By managing these emotions, however, the process will become a lot easier to handle.

If you are struggling to pursue the divorce process and manage your emotional and mental health in the state of Maryland, it is important that you take a step back and reflect on the way that your mind is processing the experience. Becoming aware of the way that you are handling the divorce can give you key insights on where your emotions might be getting in the way.

Are you prepared to dissolve your professional partnership?

No matter how you reach the decision to dissolve a partnership, the process can get messy quickly, particularly if you or your partner do not have a strong grasp on how to execute the dissolution. Unlike other types of businesses, partnerships often involve much less documentation, and sometimes don't even require a written agreement to be legally binding.

Before you simply declare the partnership ended, be sure to examine all the issues at hand, to keep your rights and priorities protected if and when the process takes a turn and becomes complicated. With proper planning, you can end your partnership with finality, but if you cruise through the dissolution without taking care to cross the t's and dot the i's, you may find that it still presents problems for months or years afterward.

Why sole custody is rarely given

Custody battles are some of the more complex and difficult cases in court. The courts put great value in a child’s opportunity to live and learn from each parent — even after a divorce.

There are only a few situations that may warrant sole custody in Maryland.

How nominal damages can still benefit you

Many Maryland businessmen enforce strict guidelines within their contracts to ensure that their partners do not attempt any suspicious activity that could lead to company loss. If there are any breaches within that contract, you have the right to file a lawsuit against them in court to obtain compensation for any damages they caused.

Contract breaches often result in hefty financial losses, but guilty workers are not off the hook yet even if the court finds that no major losses occurred from the violation. Contractual negligence that does not result in harm to either party is known as nominal damage. Many question why some businessmen go through the trouble for this conviction if there appears to be little to gain, but there are several perks you can get out of the process.

Family law: Millennials making their marriages work

When it comes to marriage, it seems like millennials are doing something right. More American married couples who are under the age of 45 are actually staying married according to the latest statistics. They're distinctly different from baby boomers who tended to marry young, divorced and married again. Issues revolving around marriage in Maryland are under the family law umbrella. 

Millennials and generation X'ers are waiting until they're older to get married and apparently waiting until they're pretty sure they've found the right partner. They're also waiting until they've accomplished some personal goals before adding a spouse to the mix. They are making sure they're on track with things like finances, education and careers. 

Family law: How child support works re an incarcerated parent

It doesn't matter what the adults in their lives are facing, children need to be supported financially and emotionally. When a parent in Maryland who is paying child support lands in jail, chances are he or she is still responsible for paying that support. Family law rules are in place to safeguard the best interests of children; however, incarcerated parents beholden to paying child support may ask the court to have those payments suspended while they're behind bars and unable to earn an income. 

A parent in jail could also ask the court to reduce the child support payments he or she has to make. It's up to the court whether to grant such a modification. Those released from jail may be able to get help to reintegrate into society, making them able to meet their child support obligations after finding gainful employment. 

Family law: Solo parents may mean better parents

Divorce doesn't have to be replete with negatives. Family law rules give divorced Maryland residents the tools with which to be great parents even when they're not parenting as a married couple. In fact, there are times when being a single parent means being a better parent. 

Single parents don't always have to get the nod of the other parent when it comes to the everyday issues pertaining to their kids. Decisions about these things -- like how late a kid should stay up or what sport he or she should play, for instance -- can often be made solo. Single parents can also show their children that they can be independent and make life work on their own accord.

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