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July 2018 Archives

Family law in Maryland: Child custody and abuse accusations

There is no place for violence in any situation. When it comes to family law rules in Maryland, the law pulls no punches that children do not belong in settings in which violence takes place. When parents are divorced and there are accusations of abuse against one parent, the courts have to decide, based on evidence, who should have physical custody of the child based on the child's best interests -- the parent accused of abuse, the alleged parent who is the victim or both parents. 

Contracts and contract litigation: Asking the right questions

One of the wisest pieces of advice when it comes to contractual agreements is to make sure everything in a contract is understood before the contract is signed. When it comes to contracts and contract litigation in Maryland, much stress might be avoided if the person entering into a contract with a vendor understands what he or she is really getting into when it comes to contracting for services or goods. Going it alone, without getting advice, may cause real problems down the road.

Buying a home in Maryland in a seller's real estate market

Buying a home in a seller's market can be tough. But there are some real estate tips that may help Maryland residents looking to purchase real estate in this type of market. Timing plays a large factor when purchasing a home in this type of climate. Inventory is at a premium, and buyers need to be aware that they may be coming up against multiple offers, so they should come in with their absolute best prices for the homes they really want.

Real estate: Is there a best time to buy a home in Maryland?

Buying a home is probably one of the most exciting ventures anyone can make. But in terms of the timing, is there is best time to buy a home in Maryland? Real estate agents will usually say the best time is anytime; however, there are some issues that come into play like what the market itself is doing, the area and the home itself. Buying when most people aren't -- like in the month of December -- might also help the purchaser.

Family law: Foster care in Maryland

There are many children waiting to be a part of a stable, caring and loving environment. Some kids in Maryland are waiting for foster families who will care for them within the parameters provided by family law rules. What many people don't realize is that there are different types of foster care situations: having a child stay in the home of people unrelated to them, group homes or kinship care.

Happy social media, happy marriage

We all have friends that do it. They post about all kinds of slights between them and their spouse on social medial. Whether she forgot to pick up the kids or he forgot to take the trash out (again).

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